If you struggle with sexual addiction…

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How to Help a Sex Addict

If your family member is addicted, here you will find support as you seek your own healing and learn how to help.

Pornography Addiction Help

If you are struggling with pornography or sex addiction, here you will find help on your road to recovery.

Help for Religious Leaders

If you are a religious leader seeking to understand or help an addict, we offer training and information to help you.

Trying to change on your own keeps you in the cycle.

Addicts experience shame about their behaviors. Shame is a profound sense of unworthiness. When people feel shame, they often use isolation (avoiding others and keeping secrets) as their go-to method of coping. Shame leads to secrecy. Secrecy leads to isolation. Isolation keeps you in the addiction cycle.

  • Percentage of divorces involving a partner with “an obsessive interest in pornographic websites.” 56% 56%
  • Percentage of young adult men viewing pornography weekly 66% 66%
  • Internet porn searches (as a percentage of all searches) 25% 25%

Education & Resources

Support for Families

Resources for Religious Leaders

Resources for Addicts

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